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Our Roots

MA Muse was formed out of a need to give the arts back to our community and to our children. You see music and arts cannot be separated nor severed from our community. It has helped us to rise to the top and to have our voices heard. 

Our mission at MA Muse is to strive to spread the transformative power of the arts by providing the highest quality educational experiences to all. We are also giving the community an opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents by hosting events that are focused on the arts.


One Step at a Time

With our mission in mind, we try to find new and improved ways of teaching our students. Learning and playing instruments has and will be a means of changing the lives of our youth and strengthening the longevity of our senior.  Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.




Helping The Community

At MA Muse Inc., we host many cultural events; concerts, assemblies, and recitals that inspire our audience to pursue a career in the arts. Click the button below to view pictures of our past events.


“But only art and music have the power to bring peace.”

Yoko Ono



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INSPIRATION stands as a pillar of musical education, enriching the lives of individuals across generations and spaces. Through their dedicated efforts, they provide comprehensive music lessons and curriculum tailored for schools, senior centers, churches, and various community settings. In schools, they offer structured music programs, nurturing the talents of budding musicians and instilling a deep appreciation for the art form. Their expert instructors not only teach notes and rhythms but also inspire creativity and passion, fostering a lifelong love for music. At senior centers, M A Muse Inc. offers tailored lessons that cater to the unique needs and interests of older adults, promoting cognitive well-being and providing a platform for self-expression. In churches, their curriculum enhances the musical worship experience, training choirs and congregants alike, ensuring that the spiritual connection is harmoniously complemented by musical excellence. Across these diverse environments,'s music lessons not only impart technical skills but also cultivate a sense of community, empowerment, and cultural enrichment, making music a universal language that unites and uplifts.

You can see the effects that music and arts have on our community from even outside of the classroom. Not only are we teaching them music, we are also giving the students a chance to interact with others and work as a team. This helps our students to be focused and dedicated to their craft. That same dedication can be applied to many other aspects of their lives, such as school and work, which gives our community an opportunity to grow and prosper.



At MA Muse, we believe that music and art have the ability to influence our community in many different ways. When our students perform, it gives them a feeling of accomplishment and pride because of how much effort and hard work was put in to that performance. They are always left with a feeling of joy and it inspires them to want to do it again. This is what leads to our students developing a love and passion for what they do.

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